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Special Class News

The Special Classes (those ending in 4's and 9's) are preparing for the year 2014 Fairview High School Alumni Reunion. To keep up to date on their weekend events click on the class you wish to view.

*If you are a Special Class Representative Click Here. Be sure to send your reunion information and schedule of events to Fairview Alumni so that we can keep everyone informed of the weekend events.
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As a Special Class you are entitled to one free set of mailing labels upon request to Tammy Price (580)227-7025 or email tprice61@gmail..com. Also, you are allowed to add a ‘reminder’ letter to your class during the mass mailing. We require two representatives of your class to attend the ‘Stuffing Party’ to help with all the letters. This years Party is scheduled for TBA in the Alumni Room at the Fairview Administration Building beginning at 6:00 pm.

The “Special Class” parties are held on Friday night and the Alumni banquet is on Saturday night. In other words, the Alumni week end is always the last week end in June where there is a Friday and Saturday back to back. This years dates are June 22, 23, and 24.

Friday night's events are at your own discression. Usually the class that has it's 20th year reunion provides some type of social event. At this time, donations are usually accepted for the Live to Endow Forever Scholarship Fund, and a spokesperson is assigned.

Always encourage your class to attend the Saturday banquet as a table will be reserved for them and a spokesperson will report your attendance, events and endowment amount, etc... Please advise the Coordinator the place and time of your Friday night party and the name of your spokesperson for Saturday night. It is a custom that the officers “crash” your party to welcome you, make announcement and most important, for the head count of those attending the banquet. This is to insure that your reserved table will have the appropriate seating for those attending. You will be advised of your class’ arrival time to the banquet.

The Association encourages each “Special Class” to donate at least $100.00 to the Endowment Fund. We deem our scholarships given to three graduating seniors most important in these times of high cost of education. If you know the amount of the donation by the time the officers visit your party, your name plate will be added to the Endow To Live Forever plaque before the banquet.

A challenge between “Special Classes” has developed in the last few years to see what class can donate the most to this fund. These monies are made by individual donations or by an auction that is held at their parties. Need I say the Association is pleased!!!!

If you wish a class picture please contact Kent Shirley of Picture This for an appointment for your Friday night party. The address is as follows:
Picture This
116 N. Main
Fairview, Ok. 73737
Phone 1-800-517-3686