Fairview High School

Living Endowment





Endowment Fund Guidelines

This fund grants scholarships to our high school graduates who have the need, ability and desire to further their education. To date there have been 62 scholarships given to graduating seniors on behalf of the Fairview Alumni. Donors of $100, $500, and $1000 are duly recognized with nameplates. All monies received are placed in interest-bearing accounts. Our goal is to maintain the principle and to use only the interest for the scholarships. All scholarships will be given in the name of:


Scholarship Fund Guidelines

The same guidelines apply as in the Endowment Fund. This fund is for donations of $100 or less. The Donor’s name is placed in our Scholarship Donors Portfolio for recognition- no amounts listed.


Memorial Gifts

Division of the Scholarship Fund

We urge families to request that memorial gifts be given in the name of a deceased alumni or family member, in lieu of flowers. You may also make the fund the beneficiary of a will, trust or life insurance policy. Mail your memorial gift in memory of a classmate or family member to: Fairview Alumni Association, P.O. Box 66, Fairview, Ok. 73737. This gift will be donated to the Scholarship Fund and the monies handled according to the Endowment Fund guidelines. In the event the donation meets the guidelines of the Endowment Fund, a name plate will be placed in memory with the appropriate inscription.


The deceased’s family will be notified of each memorial gift and the donor’s name. Your name will be entered in the Permanent Scholarship Fund Book as a memorial gift donor along with the deceased’s name. This book is displayed at the reunion each year.



A receipt should be obtained from the Alumni Association for any gift make by an individual of $250 or more. The Internal Revenue Service requires this receipt if a charitable contribution is taken by the donor.